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2007-10-17 19:11:55 by WARTORIOUS

Greetings and salutations my good fellows and fillet's!

Why not go out to the shop and buy yourself a lovely jar of peanut butter? why not buy one for a gift or present, I'm sure your mates will love the thought!

ohh well instead of using money we could use water as currency! That way we would eliminate world poverty overnight. in places with no water they can use oil instead! Also everybody in the UK will get enough land so they can grow all there own food if they wish to. instead of commuting to work we should use solar powered computers and all road vehicles should be driven automatically and powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Because we no longer have currency robots will do all of the nasty jobs for us whilst stock brokers trade in commodities instead of stock, "I invested 12 pigs in Microsoft and the stock went down and the pigs vanished"! lol

Cars should be banned in London and everyone can loan a bike for a £20 deposit(There worth £20 due to economies of scale). The outside of Lindon will be turned into a Huge free car park and lazy buggers can still use buss', trains, tubes and trams. That way the noisy buggers won't keep going past my window!!!


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2007-10-19 03:19:23


WARTORIOUS responds:

Thanks, Im have a question; Why is aspartane legal?



2007-10-20 00:13:14

hit me up if u got any questions

WARTORIOUS responds:

*hits you up* ehhh, ohh a question... ok... where does all the milk go? it seems to vanish!


2007-10-20 11:04:44

Hey Its krackhead kitty btw
the kitty krew is a crew that just has fun makeing collabs talkin on our forums spamming the portal because it pisses kids off... laughing at there reviews... its fun stuff thats what were all about

WARTORIOUS responds:

silly meth face, I'm not a cat, I'm a bunny wabbit!!


2007-10-22 23:28:16

omg... how could you join the most infamous crew on NG.... there horrible

WARTORIOUS responds:

me not in the titty Mew! me's a good boy! *don'ts let them get the precious!"


2007-12-05 14:25:23

The only thing whong with KK is that they spam the portal and they're homo.. other than that I guess you could they're cool.. =D

WARTORIOUS responds:

yes they do spam stuff lol


2008-05-30 11:57:57

sonic tetris!

WARTORIOUS responds:

Glad you like!! :-)


2008-08-16 09:34:41

Sexual Intercourse.

WARTORIOUS responds:

intercourse that is sexual? how fun!"